Lacalle said that he will talk with Bustillo about the use of an official car

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, assured this Thursday who will speak with Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo about the minister’s trips to Punta del Este in an official car although he claimed not to have read the note published by The Observer. The mandatary left this Thursday for Chile with the minister to participate in the inauguration of Gabriel Boric.

Upon arrival at the old Carrasco Airport, Lacalle Pou stopped in his truck and stopped to chat with journalists in an informal and He said he had not discussed the issue yet with Bustillo. Howeverasked about the chancellor’s trips in the official car, He assured that he was going to see Bustillo “now”.

The Observer reported this Thursday that the chancellor used the official ministry car to travel to Punta del Este on at least 22 occasions without there being in most cases a functional reason for it. The transfer of the minister to the Esteño resort always happened in the summer months and involved the payment of travel expenses for his driver for food and overnight, for a figure of around $6,000 for each trip.

The president avoided questions regarding the future of Bustillo and assured that he had not read the note published by The Observer. In any case, he explained that he had understood that Bustillo lived in Punta del Este for a few months, in reference to the chancellor’s transfers to the spa in the official car.

As reported The Observerthe chancellor lived in January and February 2021 in the spa, however, the resolutions that enabled the transfers referred to meetings with authorities.

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