Lacalle Poy and Ponce de León separated again: They had had "something similar" to a reconciliation

Lacalle Poy and Ponce de León separated again: They had had “something similar” to a reconciliation

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After their breakup in May 2022, President Lacalle Pou and Lorena Ponce de León surprised everyone by announcing a reconciliation just a few months later. This news generated great anticipation and revived hope that the couple could overcome their differences and find happiness together once again. However, that reconciliation turned out to be short-lived.

As reported by the program Fishbowl Of the radio Blue FM, the couple separated a month and a half ago “on good terms”. Presumably, after the initial separation they had not lived together again, which indicates that this time the decision to separate was made by mutual agreement and without major conflicts.

Before the official reconciliation, there were indications of a possible rapprochement between President Lacalle Pou and Lorena Ponce de León. In May of this year, the president acknowledged in an interview with the Argentine journalist Luis Majul in The Radio Observer 107.9 that there had been an approach with his wife and mother of his children. “We are fine with my wife,” said Lacalle Pou, hinting that there was hope of a reconciliation.

“Something similar” to a reconciliation

Two months earlier, the founder of sowing, Lorraine Ponce de Leon, also made comments suggesting a possible return with the president. He recognized that they were in “something like” a reconciliationwhich sparked speculation about the current status of their relationship.

During the year in which they were separated, President Lacalle Pou and Lorena Ponce de León They were seen together in various activitiesboth official and private. These public appearances generated rumors and speculation about a possible reconciliation.

In March, for example, they were seen having dinner together at Dove, which aroused the curiosity of many. A few days later, they traveled together to a Coldplay concert in Brazil, showing that they maintained a friendly relationship and shared special moments despite their separation. In addition, they attended various events inside and posed together holding arms. in a meeting in Anchorena together with legislators from the United States.

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