Lacalle Pou: “I didn’t find anyone who told me ‘the LUC harmed me'”

After his tour of Cerro Largo, the President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou affirmed that he will be the spokesperson in the national media chainwhich will be carried out in favor of the 135 articles that will be submitted to a referendum on March 27.

The president said that during his visit to some departments —such as Durazno and Artigas— he has asked if the LUC has “harmed” the citizens. In this way he stated: “In one year and 10 months of the law being in force, I have not found anyone who has told me: ´The LUC harmed me’”.

Lacalle Pou told the media that he feels he has “the right and the obligation” to defend the LUC because, during the electoral campaign, it was a bill that he “defended” on his tour of the country and that “it is part of the government program.

“It was voted on and is part of the Commitment to the country”, the agreement that was accompanied by the five parties that make up the ruling coalition, the president added.

The LUC “is a law of freedom, it is a law that generates rights,” said Lacalle Pou, who also concluded: “Without talking about partisan politics, without stepping on the constitutional line, I am going to defend it in the places where I believe that I am being faithful to the mandate of being president of the Republic of all Uruguayans”.

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