Lacalle on Putin: "He has longings for a past more similar to the USSR than to the new Russia"

President Luis Lacalle Pou participated this Thursday of the Latin Annual Meeting event, in Punta del Este, where He referred Russian President Vladimir PutinTo who he described as a ruler with the “natural makeup” of a leader.

He is a leader, with tools not typical of a positive leader“, he said before the consultation of the journalists Alfredo and Diego Leuco.

“Because of the training he has and where he belonged, is matrixed in a certain way, surely not far from war tools (…), with longing for a past more similar to the USSR than to the new Russia“, summarized.

Putin has proven to be “a person willing to use all the tools”, Lacalle pointed out, after the Russian president gave the order to invade Ukraine on February 24 and, since then, the conflict has not ceased.

A little over a month after those events, the president said that if the United States government does not intervene to stop it, it will be “very difficult” to stop the troops of the Soviet country, which, in his opinion, do not have a current “contender “.

“If you have a person who is willing to use all the tools and you don’t have a counterweight, it’s very difficult. (…) think that (the Chinese president) Xi Jinping may be the mediator in this conflict todaywhich for me is quite far (from doing it), is that the whole world turned around“, he added.

Lacalle insisted that the key to stopping Russia will depend on the role that the United States, the European Union and China adopt, and not so Cuba or Venezuela. Asked about the role of these last two countries, he stressed that Putin has a “woven” bond with both, although he does not see them as weighty allies.

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