Lacalle: ANCAP's financial support has ended in order to keep fuels stable

Lacalle: ANCAP’s financial support has ended in order to keep fuels stable


This Saturday, May 28, Lacalle Pou visited the port of Juan Lacaze where the presentation of the Expreso del Plata I ship was made, a vessel that will connect the ports of Uruguay and Argentina and will be able to transport up to 52 trucks with fox, in an area of ​​4,500 meters squares.

When asked by the press about the report of the Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (URSEA) that recommends an increase in the price of fuel as of June 1, the president replied that he has not yet carried out an evaluation with the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini, and with the president of ANCAP, Alejandro Stipanicic.

“These days we will be doing the balances and the numbers to know what situation we are in. Obviously this URSEA report, I am not saying that it conditions, but it gives an advance of how the world oil situation is”, he said.

URSEA recommends to the Executive Branch increases in the price of Premium gasoline of 7.16%, 6.82% for Super gasoline, increases of 4.60% for diesel, and a drop of 2.9% for the case of supergas.

no financial back

The president pointed out that every time the government decides not to increase fuel prices by the values ​​that should go up, “which is what has been happening for some time, this is a sacrifice by ANCAP.”

“The back is basically over, obviously it means giving up keeping the accounts balanced, because we all know what happens if they get too unbalanced, because we already experienced it a few years ago, when the company had to be recapitalized. We are far from that, but we must be very careful with financial management, which is the balance that must be had when there is this increase in fuels worldwide and we try to make a sacrifice so that this is not paid by citizenship,” he remarked.

Lacalle also expressed that the Import Parity Price of a barrel of oil is “volatile and unfortunately it has not dropped what was expected.”

X Factor

On the other hand, he said that progress is being made in the call for private bids for the Portland industry, and that there are interested parties. He pointed out that ANCAP’s cement production deficit is one of the elements considered as “factor X” that determines the increase in fuel prices. “Perhaps it is not the determining factor, but it is not logical to continue losing money in an activity that if it is done in another way, or partners are obtained, it would not continue to lose money.”

“Any of us in our private undertakings, in our homes, would try to fix that situation and that is what the ANCAP presidency is doing with the closeness of the Ministry of Industry,” said the head of state.

Lacalle: ANCAP's financial support has ended in order to keep fuels stable

URSEA recommends an increase in the price of gasoline and diesel and a reduction in supergas

The Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (URSEA) recommends to the Executive Power…

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