En junio, Danilo Medina encabezará cuatro actos de juramentación de nuevos miembros del PLD

In June, Danilo Medina will lead four swearing-in ceremonies for new members of the PLD

After the successful act of swearing in azuathe former president of the Republic and president of Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Danilo Medinawill continue during the month of June the activities of official entry of new militants to that political organization.

It will be four Sundays in a row, resuming on June 5 in the province Monsignor Nouel and later on the 12th of that same month in the municipality Santo domingo norte.

Then he will travel to the provinces of Barahona Y dajabónon June 19 and 26.

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Each activity is scheduled for 10:00 in the morning of each of the indicated days. The oaths are carried out after the new members are settled on the purple digital platform.

These swearing-in acts are carried out under the coordination of the Commission of implementation of the Organizational and Electoral Line (CILOE) of the PLD and the respective provincial directorates.

Likewise, they have the support of the General, Acts and Communications Secretariats.

For each act it is programmed that Daniel Medinabe accompanied by the secretary general, Charles Mariotti; members of the Political Committeeand the members of the Central Committee and leaders of these demarcations.

In recent days, the former president of the Republic, Daniel Medinaswore in 13,000 new members in the organization residing in the province of azua.

With that oath, the also president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), began a campaign to defend his management. He punctually highlighted each of the works carried out during the period 2012 to 2020 for the benefit of the citizens of azua.

medinatook advantage of the stage to launch harsh criticism of the government to consider is submerging the country in a high level of recoil.

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