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La Rosa Bakery, emblematic Cuban bakery in Miami, closes after 55 years of service

Mexico City, Mexico.- The history of this bakery, an icon of the Cuban community in exile, began in Artemisa, where the Mayoral family ran a successful business called “Gran París”. After January 1, 1959, like most small Cuban businessmen, they were forced to go into exile and start over.

Thus, in 1960 the Mayoral brothers –Osvaldo, Osmar, Oliverio, Otelmy and Orfilio– arrived in Miami with the knowledge and the dream of opening a new candy store. They had all learned the trade since they were teenagers thanks to their father Rogelio Mayoral. Finding themselves unable to have their own business on the island, they undertook the project just over 90 miles away.

La Rosa Bakery, identified by its almost completely pink decoration, opened its doors in Miami on March 28, 1968. Since then it has been located at 4259 W Flagler St, offering the most delicious sweets, salads and Cuban rolls. Behind the counter until 2019 were Osvaldo and his wife Mercedes, aged 86 and 92.

“It is with great regret that we announce the closure of La Rosa Bakery in its current location, but we are grateful for the memories and the impact it has had on the community and on the history of Miami,” they announced in his Facebook page.

Mercedes and Osvaldo (Photo: taken from the candy store networks)

Three generations of exile enjoyed their treats. However, today La Rosa is an empty place. Last April 23 was the last day that the bakery opened its doors and sold emblematic Cuban products, including meringues, a delicacy that was a benchmark in the business.

“The closure of La Rosa Bakery in this location marks the end of an era, but its legacy will live on in the fond memories of those who enjoyed its delicious offerings and warm hospitality,” the publication highlights.

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