Cardiologists warn of excess salt in Uruguay’s drinking water

The Honorary Commission for cardiovascular health warned about the impact of salt consumption and cardiovascular diseases behind the increased values ​​of chloride and sodium in the water by OSE to counteract the low level of fresh water reserves due to the drought.

In the statement they explain that the Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide.and arterial hypertension is the risk factor with the greatest impact on CVD mortality and disability.

The commission clarifies that excessive salt intake is associated with increased blood pressure. The reduction of this condiment in the diet is one of the measures that was recommended at the United Nations Summit to prevent non-communicable diseases.

In turn, they specify that World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating less than 5 grams of salt (less than 2 grams of sodium) per adult per day.

In Uruguay, almost 37% of Uruguayans have high blood pressure and a third of them do not know it.

Complaint by the director for the Broad Front in OSE

He director for the Broad Front in OSE, Edgardo Ortuño, demanded measures by the government after the increase in salinity in the water. One of the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Public Health was to consume bottled water if possible.

Given this statement, Ortuño sHe complained on his Twitter account about the “isolated measure”noting that many people cannot afford bottled water. “There are numerous citizens who cannot buy bottled water”he expressed.

And he added: “We proposed that a package of measures had to be adopted to address the social and health vulnerabilities that are generated, THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED MEASURE and they did not accept it, so we voted it negative as FA.”

In addition, Ortuño explained that proposed a prior communication campaign and a discount on the OSE rate for “decreased quality of service”.

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