La Paz Prosecutor's Office investigates a network of 80 'ghost items' in the CNS, a process that points to Antonio Parada

La Paz Prosecutor’s Office investigates a network of 80 ‘ghost items’ in the CNS, a process that points to Antonio Parada

The fugitive from justice Antonio Parada appeared today accused in another case of ghost items, this time in the National Health Fund (CNS), according to the La Paz Prosecutor’s Office, from where they explained that the process is promoted by investigating the appearance of 80 ghost items.

Given this scenario, five arrest warrants were issued against former officials and current CNS operatives. The authorities of the Public Ministry calculate an economic damage of Bs 137,000

“This man (Antonio) Stop has reproduced this scheme (ghost items of the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra) in the National Health Fund. The case has already been opened and more than 80 items are discussed in the CNSl (during) the time that Parada was an official, ”said prosecutor Lupe Zabala.

Antonio Parada is the main defendant in the ghost items case in Santa Cruz and in that case he has an arrest warrant that was issued on December 6. The former official of the Santa Cruz commune is a fugitive and the Government announced in recent days that he left the national territory irregularly.

The La Paz Prosecutor’s Office discovered this case due to a complaint from a person who went to collect the Bonus Against Hunger, but it was denied because he was registered as someone who received a salary and was listed as a contributor to the AFP

The second case is that of a doctor who worked without pay at the CNS in 2019; However, it was discovered that he appeared on the payroll of officials, had a double contribution to the AFP, one from the CNS and the other from the company where he currently works.

“In the city of La Paz two cases are open, The total economic damage is not yet known, but what is known is that there are around 80 contracts that could have been signed with the National Health Fund ”, declared the prosecutor, Lupe Zabala, who is in charge of the case.

The arrest warrants are against, Antonio PV, Alexander HE, Cristián EA, Amílcar FV and Valeria MSP, three of them have already been apprehended by the authorities and tomorrow the precautionary hearing could be held to determine whether they defend themselves in freedom.

The departmental prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave said that inspections have already been carried out at the central offices of the CNS in La Paz, “the place was searched on Friday, December 10, where it was evidenced that there are no contracts, nor the files of the alleged workers, in addition to the existence of the register of payroll for the payment of salaries of at least two people who never signed an employment contract at the Caja. The presumed economic damage to the State amounts to Bs. 137,000 approximately, “said the authority through a statement.

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