La Guaira: 3 arrested for sexual abuse of minors

La Guaira: 3 arrested for sexual abuse of minors

Three individuals, including a police officer, were arrested, in the last 48 hours in La Guaira, for sexual abuse of minors, according to the security forces of the Guaireño coast.

The first detainee was identified as Henry Ascanio Campos who was apprehended by officials of the Vargas Municipal Police, after being denounced by the community for allegedly raping three children aged 11, 6 and 1, in the Urbanismo Hugo Chávez, in Urimare.

The second was recognized as Rodolfo Hernández Álvarez (65), who allegedly sexually abused his 11 and 8-year-old nieces. According to the police report, Hernández kept the girls under death threats if they told his parents anything.

The third case is that of a La Guaira Police officer, identified as Jean Bello and who is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse against a teenager; event that occurred on December 25, in a room of the Prefecture of La Guaira.

According to the police agency, the young woman was with her boyfriend, of legal age, near the police institution, when they were approached by the uniformed officer.

The three cases were presented before the 1st Court for the crimes of sexual abuse and the Municipal Protection Council for Boys, Girls and Adolescents of the Vargas Municipality was notified, which issued protective measures in favor of the affected minors.

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