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La Foica decreed a 24-hour strike that will be expressed in several refrigerators

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This Tuesday 9 there will be a stoppage of activities, throughout the day and in about 15 refrigeration plants, within the framework of the measures that have been resolved by the Workers’ Federation of the Meat and Related Industry (Foica), in protest against the non-contemplation of their aspirations in the negotiations of the Salary Councils.

The strikes began this Monday, the 8th, in a dozen plants, according to sources linked to the sector confirmed at noon.

In a statement sent to The Observer by the Foica, shortly before the 20th hour of this Monday, it is indicated that the unions that make up the Foica “resolve a general strike of 24 hours for Tuesday, November 9, 2021.”

At the same time, on his Twitter account, Sebastián Da Silva (a nationalist senator and agricultural producer) expressed his discomfort with the measure and detailed the reasons:

Sources from the industrial sector, from each of the chambers that bring together the refrigeration companies, said this Monday to The Observer who for the moment prefer not to express an opinion on the situation.

One of the trade unionists consulted this Monday indicated that During this Tuesday there will be a new meeting of the Foica, in which the conflict will be analyzed and possible measures to be adopted from this Wednesday 10 will be considered of November.

Regarding the negotiations, union sources highlighted The Observer that there is an agreement on salary, but not on a set of additional benefits, in which the business sector does not yield. In case there are signs, the stoppages will be without effect, immediately, and will be negotiated again with the Ministry of Labor as a mediating entity. Otherwise, until the government decides (if there is no agreement between the parties, in the middle of this month), the measures will continue and may even be of greater magnitude.

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