They locate the gagged corpse of an octogenarian

Killed El Pelón, El Ciego and El Carlos Daniel

Military personnel killed three members of criminal organizations associated with the Tancol groups (Armed Terrorists, Colombian Drug Traffickers), according to military sources.

Two of those killed are identified as Carlos Ricardo Pargo Díaz (El Pelón) and Miguel Ángel Ginez Isturiz (Criminal), members of the El Ciego gang, which operates in the El Limón sector, Manuel Piar municipality (Upata), Bolívar.

It was precisely in that sector where the confrontation between agents assigned to Detachment 625 of the Bolivarian National Guard and the criminals took place.

At the site, the soldiers collected a .38-caliber revolver, with no visible mark or serial number, with two percussion cartridges; a .380 caliber pistol, a chain link belt of forty-five 7.62×51 caliber cartridges, sixty 5.56×45 caliber cartridges, two radio transmitters and a motorcycle.

Another procedure was carried out by the GNB, but in the Brisas del Orinoco sector, Caroní municipality (Ciudad Guayana), Bolívar state.

In that place, a subject nicknamed Carlos Daniel, a member of the El Perú organization, which operates in the mining areas of Bolívar, was killed. The subject fired a Taurus pistol, model PT917CS, caliber 9 mm, with no visible serial number.

The Public Ministry was notified of the proceedings.

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