Key witness in the bribery case is missing; Prosecutor’s Office processes his declaration in absentia and an immigration alert against him

Key witness in the bribery case is missing; Prosecutor's Office processes his declaration in absentia and an immigration alert against him

June 1, 2023, 4:43 PM

June 1, 2023, 4:43 PM

The key witness of the ‘bribery case’ within the Ministry of the Environmentthe woman who gave information about alleged corruption in that State portfolio, is missing. According to the departmental prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave, the woman was summoned to testify, but did not attend. For this reason, the declaration in absentia, as well as an immigration alert to prevent him from leaving the country, the authority indicated.

“We are processing, for the witness – who at the time revealed many details of the investigation– the declaration of rebellion. This means that the Public Ministry has searched for it, has generated an investigation and, not being present, it has been charged; Therefore, she is requesting that she declare herself a rebel until she can come and give the statement, ”she explained at a press conference.

Alave invited the woman to provide the information she knows about the case: “He we give sufficient guarantees so that she can offer to the Public Ministry, which is the investigative body, to who can offer everything he knowsall the details you know, about this fact.

The prosecutor pointed out that it is indifferent in which department of the country the witness statement will be takenand stressed that the important thing is that he declare.

On the other hand, he avoided detailing the number of people who have already provided information on this case, although he pointed out that the prosecutors commission has been in Cobija and that, soon, will be in Tarija. He also referred to the witnesses in the process to indicate that, if sufficient evidence is found, their procedural situation can change to accused.

The alleged corruption scandal is the result of the testimony of a person who, supposedly, collected bribes for the then Minister of the Environment, Santos Cruz, who is currently detained in the San Pedro jail in La Paz. At least two people apprehended had bought real estate that they paid in cash, although they were not put in their names, but they were not declared before the State Comptroller General, as reported in mid-May by prosecutor Alave.

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