El angustiante accidente en Ocaña que dejó dos muertos: camión con víveres se quedó sin frenos y chocó a otro

“Keep it, blessed lord”, they prayed before the tragic accident in Ocaña: the truck ran out of brakes and collided with another

One of the people who recorded the moment of the accident prayed anguishedly for the life of the driver, without imagining that there would be two victims.

Colombian News.

A serious accident that killed two people occurred in the last few hours on the road that connects Ocaña with Aguachica.

The events occurred after a vehicle loaded with groceries ran out of brakes and ended up colliding with a truck carrying coal.

The images of what happened are shocking.

The fatal accident was recorded on video by another driver who was traveling on the highway. In the clip you can hear the anguish of the man who recorded it.

“OMG, SOZ 514 mule partner ran out of brakes. My God, put your hand in and protect him, sir, he can’t stop the car, keep him, blessed sir »,

Regarding the case, it was learned that the driver and assistant of the cargo vehicle died instantly due to the strong impact.

While whoever was on board the tractor-trailer was rescued by colleagues who were traveling this section.

The authorities reached the site known as Caracolí where this event occurred, and carried out the respective tasks to be able to identify the victims.

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