Kattya denies possible duo with Efraín

Kattya denies possible duo with Efraín

On March 8 and coinciding with International Women’s Day, Kattya González, a national deputy for the Encuentro Nacional party (PEN), made her candidacy for the presidency of the Republic official with the slogan “Renace Paraguay”.

At the time, about her motivations for running for the Executive, she said that she is tired of the same old politicians. And that she believes that Paraguay deserves an alternation and commitment that a woman can grant.

“We believe that together we can build a common destiny and a better place of coexistence. Take charge of our destiny and achieve some necessary and urgent transformations”, he mentioned at the time.
Rumors recently surfaced that Efraín Alegre, president of the PLRA, would have offered González the vice presidency of his party, considering that he is also running for the presidency for the third consecutive time.

When asked about the matter, González stated that she is a pre-candidate for President of the Republic and that she is fully committed to her candidacy.

“At this time, without prejudice to the fact that institutional dialogues can be held at the unity agreement tables of the opposition, we are not addressing personal issues. That is not true, I do not know where you took it from, ”he said.

He pointed out that he is working to grow, listening to people and presenting his line of action.

“I am a candidate for president, I am not a candidate for vice president. There was no offer, I am a candidate for President of the Republic. And Efraín Alegre is my equal, I am not a candidate for vice president, ”she emphasized.

He then stated that he is still searching for the duo for his presidential badge. He argued that the election should be carried out by the citizens rather than by the candidates themselves.

“Citizens must take their temperature. We are going to be listening to the people in all aspects and in all the decisions that we make, ”she stated.

The pre-candidate highlighted the repercussion generated in her social networks by the officialization of her candidacy for the presidency of the Republic.

“There was a self-convocation of citizens that gave us the strength we need to be able to do the same throughout Paraguay. We understand that there is an interesting hope and a collective feeling that the opposition must make efforts to materialize a unity”, he expressed.

Regarding the concertation, he expressed that in the speech they all agree, but there are difficulties in establishing a methodology.

“There is a hopeful and unifying discourse in all the tents, to put it in some way. You just have to find the method. At some point, the same electoral calendar will force us to hurry up those decisions and that is the intelligence with which we are handling ourselves”, he pointed out.

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