Kanazawa denies irregular flights

Kanazawa denies irregular flights

Last Wednesday, our media denounced that between 2019 and 2021, Édgar “Beto” Melgarejo’s nephew, Christian Ginard, head of operations and flight instructions of the institution, mobilized the planes destined for piloting courses under the modality of instruction flights. This, despite not having a single student to justify the departure of the aircraft from the state of Silvio Pettirossi airport.

Training flights have not been carried out since September 2018. They have been suspended to date due to an administrative decision. Therefore, it is striking that Ginard issues flight plans under the instruction mode without there being students to be instructed.

Felix Kanazawa, head of the Dinac, pointed out that the publications are false and affirmed that there is no evidence.

Why were the pilot courses suspended?
The basic pilot courses were not opened because Dinac was going through a difficult financial time. Last year in September the law came out that establishes a 50% reduction in air cargo rates. Above with all the decree of sanitary restrictions. The teachings for the pilot must be in person. The pilot course is very expensive, in fuel and everything else.

Why were these flights carried out under the instruction modality?
We have supported all maintenance flights. The plane cannot be stopped. That is in all maintenance tables internationally. These are rules that the plane has to maintain its navigability. The flight types are training flights, but observed by the maintenance shop. Or else, the planes spoil and cost a lot of money. They make the flights to keep all the pieces.

It is a school plane. It cannot be labeled otherwise. The observations are put. Everything is documented, supported by the workshop, down to the smallest detail, there is no other way.

I am not going to use the aircraft for particular things. In my administration, from April 21 to date.

Why not remove the high officials linked to Melgarejo?
With what justification? I look at the professional side of people. I look at the efficiency, if within the institution they have not committed some type of illegal act, something that may contravene any law or regulation, all right. They carry out their duties and fulfill their institutional goals. I don’t have to remove them if they do their job well in the moral sense, honesty and professionalism.

The proof is that they hired Édgar “Beto” Melgarejo’s nephew on an irregular basis.

He is not an instructor. He is a pilot and is being trained by the Korean government to be an instructor. It will give you professional support for the piloting courses. There are other pilots who will also be trained. We do not have to be guided by surnames. You have to be guided by the person. I have suffered that in my own flesh. You have to look at the professional side of the person.
He is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is operational and taking care of maintenance. There are several functions of that position. The instructor is another figure.

Zulma Román, Dinac’s chief of staff, reported in the aforementioned note that classes have been suspended since 2016. This was denied by Regina Valiente, former director of the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC).

He pointed out that the piloting course at the institute ran until August 2018. And that, in September of that year, Román and others closed with the false justification that the aircraft were not in technical condition.

“I categorically deny that it was closed in 2016, as confirmed by Mrs. Zulma Román, who knows about the case and is responsible for it,” he said.

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