Justice delays Roca’s departure and she has a ticket for Saturday

Justice delays Roca's departure and she has a ticket for Saturday

May 4, 2023, 4:00 AM

May 4, 2023, 4:00 AM

Despite the fact that the Eleventh Sentencing Court of the city of Santa Cruz resolved to grant permission for the former Minister of Health Eidy Roca to travel to Argentina to attend to her delicate state of health, a court in La Paz has not complied with that determination after three days of processing.

This medium tried to communicate with the fifth judge, William Presvítero Rodríguez Álvarez, to find out why the delay in the process, but he did not answer his cell phone.

The relief that the family felt after the decision of the court in Santa Cruz, last week, has once again turned into anguish as the days go by, because the bureaucracy in the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz prevented obtaining the permit.

The resolution and the air ticket were taken to La Paz by the lawyer and sister Lady Roca. But until last night she had not received the resolution of the magistrate, a document that he must present to Migration to lift the ties that weighs on the former health minister.

Eidy Roca is prosecuted for the case of Chinese respirators and while he was serving a house arrest order, he asked to be granted the possibility of leaving the country to attend to his health because he suffers from a degenerative disease.

On Friday the 29th, the requested documentation was presented to the Fifth Court of La Paz. On Tuesday, the lawyer Roca arrived in La Paz, and she presented the memorandum attaching the medical appointment, the reservation of the ticket to Buenos Aires and the court decision in favor of Roca.

“There is a lot of obstruction. Unfortunately I have noticed that the court does not behave impartially. It is as if the resolution of the Santa Cruz court affected him directly, he shows his own interest and that is unacceptable. I don’t understand that attitude”, said the lawyer Roca.

The Via Crucis was triggered because the magistrate argued that he will not do anything because he was not notified. “On Friday we sent it from Santa Cruz, on May 2 I came to present it, but he did not want to receive it,” said the lawyer.

On Tuesday, after the lawyer threatened to stay in place, she managed to get the procedure entered into the system, and the judge was notified “by WhatsApp”.

But, through his secretary, let it be known that you await personal notification. The family managed that step, but until the closing of the Court, yesterday afternoon, they could not achieve it. They expect that to happen today, and they will only have one day left to do another immigration procedure, so that Dr. Roca can travel on Saturday.

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