Justice condemns the Presidency to reveal information claimed by FA senators

The legal judge in Administrative Litigation Pablo Ganini condemned this Thursday the Presidency of the Republic to deliver information on all private initiatives that came to the study of this government. It was before a lawsuit filed by the senators from the Front Amploist Charles Carrera and Sebastián Sabini, who had accused the government of hiding the corresponding reports.

Legislators had initiated a request for access to public information in early May. There they asked the Executive Tower for a complete and detailed list of all the initiatives received at the Executive Tower that sought to be covered by the planned work concession regime. in the Law of Reactivation of Economic Activity, in force since 2002. Also the data of all its owners.

Through a resolution signed by Deputy Secretary Rodrigo Ferrés, the Presidency responded on July 4. But it did so incompletely, omitting, according to the senators, a large part of the projects presented, offering the corresponding proof.

In the hearing this Thursday, the legal representatives of the State, Andrea Canabal and Bárbara Muracciole, substantiated the quality and quantity of the information delivered based on the confidentiality that must govern in this type of project. Confidentiality that, they affirmed, is valid until the offers are accepted. In this framework, the Executive Branch had recognized the existence of 128 projects under study, although it did not present data on most of them.

The judge, however, understood that this concept does not cover the name of the holders of each initiative, who fall under the general regime. Before the pronouncement of the magistrate, the parties agreed to deliver the required information. The senators of the Broad Front will now have a period of five days to analyze whether the documentation provided complies with their claim.

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