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Justice 11J: The number of detainees for the July demonstrations rises to 1,470

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MADRID, Spain.- The Justice 11J working group Registration 26 new arrests related to the popular demonstrations of July 11, 2021 in Cuba. With this, the figure reported last April, of 1,444 people arrested, rises to 1,470.

From the consultation of documents related to criminal proceedings, Justice 11J learned that, of these people, 564 have been tried and 519 sentenced, 40 are awaiting sentencing and 5 have been acquitted.

Of all the people tried or awaiting trial, around 70% to 80% have awaited trial under pretrial detention, the organization says.

The total number of people who are still in detention has varied from the 757 reported on April 4, to 730.

According to Justice 11J, the variation is due to a series of releases that have to do with the end of the sanction of several protesters who had been tried in summary trials and sentenced to between 8 and 10 months of deprivation of liberty, as well as with changes in sanctions during the appeal/cassation trials in the provinces of Holguín, Artemisa, Havana and Villa Clara (still awaiting the official documentation that certifies).

“These releases have occurred in a context marked by strong criticism and denunciations of the Cuban State, based on the reviews, which it has been subject to, by the Committee against Torture and the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CAT and CRC, respectively, for its acronym in English) ”, exposes the report.

Minors imprisoned for the demonstrations of July 2021

As for the minors detained after the demonstrations, the working group registered a new arrest, bringing the number to 57.

Of these, 12 remain in detention, 22 have been tried and 7 have a prosecutor’s petition, still awaiting trial.

In relation to the sanctions for minors accused of the crime of sedition, He assured that he will be pending the cassation trials of the young Toyo protesters, scheduled for this May 27.

Justice 11J called on the international media, human rights organizations, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner, to also observe the development of these events, as well as their conclusions.

Justice 11J denounces:

  • The delay in assigning judgments in cassation trials, as well as the large number of people with tax petitions and waiting for a trial of first instance.
  • The lack of consideration for women and mothers whose sanctions have been ratified in the cassation trials, despite the explicit recommendations of assigning non-exclusive sanctions to this sector, by international conventions.
  • The terrible hygienic-sanitary conditions existing in Cuban prisons.
  • The practices of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, which put the life and integrity of incarcerated people at risk.

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