Alias ​​Gentil Duarte would have died in Venezuela

Alias ​​Gentil Duarte would have died in Venezuela

Miguel Botache Santillana, alias ‘Gentil Duarte’, one of the FARC dissidents most wanted by the authorities in Colombia and who was presumably in Venezuelan territory, would have died in the middle of an attack orchestrated by his own men security, according to revealed the newspaper El Tiempo.

Apparently, and according to what was established by that medium, the head of the extinct FARC dissidents, would have been the target of an attack in his camp, located in the state of Zulia, in the neighboring country of Venezuela.

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His death, and that of his sentimental partner, a minor known as ‘Salome’, It would have been given on May 4 when their camp would have been infiltrated and attacked with explosives.

In fact they would have also lost their lives other dissidents whose identities have not yet been revealed.

According to a series of photographs accessed by said media outlet, in the camp they found the cap that alias ‘Gentil Duarte’ usually wore and the uniform of his sentimental partner, as well as other personal items that were burned after the explosion.

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Yes ok no bodies found of those who died in this attack, everything seems to indicate that the attackers would have taken them from the camp, located in Casigua El Cubo, in Zulia.

It is presumed that alias ‘Gentil Duarte’ would have reached this area in November of last year, with the help of Javier Alonso Veloza García, alias ‘Jhon Mechas’, head of the dissidents of the 33rd Front of the Farc, who would have provided a security scheme for him to leave Colombia, after he escaped from a bombing in Guaviare, and after another in Caquetá, from which he was seriously injured.

It should be noted that authorities offered up to $2 billion for anyone who provided information that would allow the location and capture of ‘Gentil Duarte’, author of several attacks against the Public Force from Colombia.

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Apparently, the perpetrators of this attack would be men belonging to the ‘Second Marquetalia’ or the ELN, in the middle of the dispute over drug trafficking routes and the illegal mining business.

Until now, Neither the Colombian government nor the Venezuelan authorities have confirmed the death of the dissident and his sentimental partner.

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