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Junk buses: Government canceled resolution that required fleet renewal

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In an interview with Universo radio, Alejandro Zuccolillo acknowledged that there is a despair on the part of public transport users at the impossibility of complying with the service for various reasons, for example, some companies went bankrupt and other firms had to cover their itineraries but not being able to cover 100% of the demand; besides adds to the chaotic traffic.

However, the young transporter businessman assured that your company did not incur in the regulated and that this is easy to verify with the GPS system of the transport units.

The interviewee raised as a solution measure the implementation of exclusive lanes for buses at peak hours, and the tariff integration of the public transport system (take several buses for the same ticket, transferring as is done with the subway in other countries).


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On renewal of the bus fleetZuccolillo confirmed that the resolution dating from the Horacio Cartes era forced companies to renew their units but that was suspended with the implementation of electronic ticketing and that finally was canceled during the administration of Mario Abdo Benítez. “There was a resolution that demanded a renewal of the bus fleet. Today that resolution no longer exists, therefore there is no longer a requirement“, accurate.

On the other hand, he referred to the video of the bus driver who irregularly passed electronic ticketing cards through the validator during the trip. In this regard, he said that It is serious that the increase in passengers is simulated, because it is embezzlement of public money by inflating their numbers to receive the subsidy. He assured that it is easy to audit the cards that were used to commit this irregularity. “It deserves a serious, deep and fast investigation, in addition to giving the maximum penalty,” he said.

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