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11 injured by the Ciudad Juárez fire have respiratory tract burns

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The Secretary of Public Security of Mexico, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, announced that the Government is evaluating aid for the families of the victims of the fire registered in a center of the National Institute of Migration. She confirmed that an administrative process was initiated to revoke the contract and impose a fine on the company in charge of the prison’s security.

The head of the Office of the Chihuahua Ministry of Health, Gilberto Baeza Mendoza, reported that 11 of the 27 migrants who were injured in the center of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Ciudad Juárez, have burns in the respiratory tract.

The official explained to the middle Millennium that the people are intubated, eight have some kidney damage and four suffer from bleeding in the digestive tract. He added that the state of the patients is delicate, although he pointed out that for the moment “they have not shown any deterioration in their health.”

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“Everyone is intubated. People have been cared for from the first minutes, the service has been provided perfectly well and we have had full coverage in terms of medicines and supplies,” he said.

Baeza commented that Chihuahua has an area specialized in burns, although at the moment the transfer of any migrant is not planned.

“The burns that these patients are presenting are mostly in the part of their internal organs, particularly in the respiratory tract and in the respiratory tract, so transfer is not necessary right now.”

He commented that there are no women or minors among the injured migrants, since all the patients are young men between the ages of 21 and 40.

five detainees

Sara Irene Herrerías Guerra, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Human Rights in Mexico, reported that five arrest warrants were executed against those allegedly involved in the fire at a center of the National Institute of Migration of Mexico (INM), in Ciudad Juárez.

According to official information, five people were presented at the initial hearing, in which they were accused as allegedly responsible for the fire that left 39 dead, including Venezuelans.

At a press conference, the official indicated that an arrest warrant was still pending, so there would be six involved. The authority did not provide the names of the detainees, but detailed that the orders were addressed to three government migration officials, two private security workers and a migrant accused of starting the fire. The sixth person accused had not yet been arrested.

In accordance with The Sun of Mexico Among the defendants is a man identified as Jason “N”, originally from Venezuela and possibly responsible for starting the fire. The media reported that the citizens Gloria Liliana “N”, Daniel “N” and Rodolfo “N” and Alan Pascual “V” who possibly worked as a security guard for the company, were also accused.

Three days after the fire, the Venezuelan embassy in Mexico appeared via Twitter. She published an image in which she left an email for relatives of those affected by the fire to request information. On Tuesday, March 28, the Mexican government reported that it had established communication with Venezuelan authorities to address the issue.

Reparation to the victims of the fire

The Secretary of Public Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, announced that the federal government is evaluating aid for the families of the victims and confirmed that an administrative process was initiated to revoke the contract and impose a fine on the company in charge of the center’s security. prisoner

The official report revealed that the incident left a balance of 39 dead and 27 injured, including five Salvadorans, 10 Guatemalans, eight Hondurans and five Venezuelans, of whom only one was discharged.

On Thursday, March 30, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on behalf of his Secretary of Security, assured that some officials in charge of the detention center had a “bad performance” when containing the emergency.

The Government recognizes and “reproves the bad performance of public servants who did not adhere to protocols for the protection of life. None of the public servants or the private security police took any action to open the door for the migrants who were already inside with the fire,” he added.

In turn, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised that the case of the 38 people who died will not go unpunished.

He asked the Attorney General’s Office to continue the judicial investigation. “We are not going to hide the facts in any way and we are not going to act unfairly in the case,” he said.

Data inconsistencies

Since the first reports of injuries and deaths from the fire emerged, there have been inconsistencies in the data. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated on Tuesday, March 28, that there were 39 deaths. That same night, the INM said that the number of migrants killed by the incident was 38.

On Thursday, March 30, an image of the Mexican government was released with the list of deaths, in which it is noted that there were 39 deaths.

There has also been no precision on the number of deceased Venezuelans. The Chihuahua state government released a list of eight Venezuelans, including: Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez Cordero, Joel Alexander Leal Peña, Orangel José López Guerrero, Orlando José Maldonado Pérez, Rafael Mendoza Mendoza, Rannier Edelber Requena Infante, Samuel José Marchena Guilarte and another unidentified man.

In the list released by the Mexican government on Thursday, March 30, there are differences in the names. Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez Cordero does not appear among the deceased Venezuelans and although a new name appears, that of Óscar José Regalado Silva, it is not specified if it is the citizen who had not been identified between March 29 and 30.

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