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July 2022: one of the hottest months ever recorded

July was one of the hottest Julys ever recorded in the world, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a specialized UN agency based in Geneva, said on Tuesday.

“The world just had one of the three hottest Julys on record. And as we all know, a very long and intense heat wave affected different parts of Europe,” said WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis.

Citing data from the Copernicus Service on climate change, the agency said the last month was slightly cooler than July 2019, but slightly warmer than July 2016.

“But the difference between these three months is really very small,” he said “The deviation is less than the margin of error.”

In general, the temperature recorded in the last month exceeded that of the month of July during the reference period 1991-2020 by 0.4°C.

London. Photo: Yahoo.

And that happened despite the presence of The girlwhich, according to the WMO, “is supposed to have a cooling effect“.

Last month the body called on world leaders to “wake up” to heat waves like the one Europe is experiencing. They are expected to become more frequent due to climate change at least until the next 2060 years.

Some regions of the world are experiencing severe drought. According to the WMO, last July was drier than average across much of Europe, most of North America, much of South America, Central Asia and Australia.

By contrast, wetter-than-average conditions were recorded in eastern Russia, northern China, and a wide swath stretching from eastern Africa to northwestern India across Asia.

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