Anti-drug fight with the United States is a failure: Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo

Anti-drug fight with the United States is a failure: Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo

Luis Gilberto Murillo, ambassador appointed by President Gustavo Petro to the United States, revealed that his priority will be to reform the anti-drug policy and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with that country.

During the ‘commemoration of the peoples’ The ambassador emphasized that the fight against drugs that has been led, up to now, is not yielding results.

“That implies a review of the anti-narcotics policy because everything that has been done has not worked and is a failure,” Murillo said.

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What Murillo expressed coincides with one of the main points of President Petro’s inaugural speech, where he criticized the fight against drugs that Colombia has been developing for several decades.

“It is time for a new International Convention that accepts that the war on drugs has failed completely, that it has left a million Latin Americans murdered, most of them Colombians, during these 40 years,” the president said on August 7.

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Meanwhile, the appointed ambassador also referred to the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States, since 2012. “And that implies the revision of the trade policy, that is, of the FTA, that is the task that we are going to start,” he indicated.

This proposal is part of the Petro Government program, where it states that the FTAs, “they must be reviewed and renegotiated so that they are fair and become tools to stimulate productivitycombat climate change, develop knowledge transfers and create new jobs”.

Currently, in the US Congress, a project called Law for the Strategic Alliance between the United States and Colombia of 2022. Among other things, it proposes establishing a Colombian-American entity “to support investments in the technological sector in Colombia.”

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