Julio Carranza protests as the new president of the ABM

Julio Carranza protests as the new president of the ABM

The challenges of the new president at the helm of the ABM include the improvement of the communication between banks and clientsdo more efficient and understandable the processes and build trust among bank users to demand more financing.

“A bank that lends more, drives economic development: are 84 million of adults in banking, of whom 56 million have a financial product such as a checking account savinga credit or a sure“, said.

Another of the purposes of the bank in the next two years that Carranza’s administration will last will be the search for better habits of saving among users, especially children.

The banking numbers

12,000 branches in the country.
50,000 correspondent points.
60,000 automatic teller machines (ATMs).
72 million mobile banking contracts
30,000 million pesos in investments for technology and cyber security.

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