Judge determines preventive detention of Nallar for legitimization of illicit profits;  but he releases the farm, a workshop and the 28 teryx from seizure

Judge determines preventive detention of Nallar for legitimization of illicit profits; but he releases the farm, a workshop and the 28 teryx from seizure

January 24, 2023, 23:55 PM

January 24, 2023, 23:55 PM

In a precautionary hearing, which was installed virtually and lasted six hours, the Anti-Corruption judge, Juan José Quiroz, ordered to send with preventive detention, for a period of four months, to Misael Nallar Viverosaccused of the crime of legitimation of illicit profits.

Nallar is also accused of the triple murder of the policemen Eustaquio Olano, Alfonso Chávez Flores and the Gacip volunteer, José David Candia Orozco, a fact that was recorded on June 21, 2022, in Porongo.

In October of the same year, the Prosecutor’s Office started a second process for the amount of assets he holds and that were found in various operations.

At the beginning of the hearing, the prosecutors commission, made up of Alberto Zeballos and Alexander Mendoza, requested before the judge that the defendant is detained for 180 days, while the investigation lasts for his dubious economic movements and because he could not prove the origin of the goods that were found.

After listening to the justification of both Nallar’s defense and that of the prosecutors, Quiroz ordered that the defendant be detained for a period of 120 days in the Chonchocoro prison in La Paz.

However, the judge in charge issued a judgment releasing from seizure the “La Bendita” farm, located in the municipality of Ascensión de Guarayos; the TEAM 777 workshop, which is in Urubó, and the 28 motorized ones, including the teryx, all owned by Misael Nallar.

The judge’s argument to release these properties and motorized vehicles from seizure is that neither in the hearing nor in the investigation it was tried that the farm, the workshop and the teryx were owned by Nallar.

Said determination caused surprise in the commission of prosecutors who, in time to file an appeal against this measure, announced that in investigations that have to do with drug trafficking, the preventive annotations of the assets of the accused have to last until the end of the trial.

The Anti-Corruption judge only ordered apply the seizure to the cattle owned by Misael Nallar. They are counted: 450 heads of white cattle, 192 GYR breed cows, 17 horses and 28 goats and goats. The sum of Bs.1, 675,704.04 that was in a bank account in his name was also seized.

Public Ministry maintains that released assets are owned by Nallar

The prosecutors commission argued in the precautionary hearing that it was proven that the farm “La Bendita” is owned by Misael Nallar, since there is a document stating that the former owner sold the property, to the now defendant, for the value of $us. 850,000.

The document shows that Nallar paid half of the total in cash and also with the delivery of a vehicle.

Regarding the “TEAM 777” workshop, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that, according to the original documentation they were able to collect, the previous owner handed over both the original papers and tenure to Nallar, despite the fact that it was not paid; but that the place was occupied by the defendant.

They denounce threats against prosecutor and judge

The marathon precautionary hearing revealed two aspects that did not go unnoticed. Prosecutor Alberto Zeballos, after leaving the hearing at the end of his presentation, received a text message stating “Flies do not enter with a closed mouth”, which was considered as a direct death threat from the Nallar circle.

Misael’s defense, through lawyer Jorge Tamayo, affirmed that Zeballos is not part of the investigation notebook and that there is no fiscal requirement signed by him either.

He said that Alberto Zeballos was only 10 minutes in the audience, and that the supposed message does not correspond to the truth of the facts.

“Therefore, it does not correspond to the truth of the facts that we intend to generate some type of threat. There is no such assertion, it must be from a case that prosecutor Zeballos is investigating,” Tamayo said.

The second aspect that was reported by sources reserved for EL DEBER, is that, at the close of the hearing, around 4:30 p.m., Misael Nallar took the floor and addressing the connected authorities, he assured that he was from a wealthy family and said goodbye promptly with the following message: “Bye prosecutor Alexander, bye judge Juan José Quiroz.”

This dismissal by Nallar also It was considered a death threat.

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