Juanpis González sweeps his first day of release on Netflix

Juanpis González sweeps his first day of release on Netflix

Comedian Alexander Riano premiered this Wednesday, January 19, its own series on one of the most important streaming platforms worldwide, Netflix.

The also actor catapulted his character from Juanpis Gonzalez with the series that Just one day after being launched on the platform, it has already become the second most watched production in Colombia.

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Thousands of Colombians in the world have seen the series, interested in the characters, the history and quality of this production.

The main character is Juanpis González, it shows a rolo man who was born in a wealthy family and likes to constantly show off his luxuries. The series is similar to many situations that have become news and that only happen in a country like Colombia, such as the case of ‘you don’t know who I am’ or the sale of donkey meat for the School Food Plan.

The series features characters like Abelardo de la Espriella, Carolina Gaitán, Julián Caicedo, among others, who have made the series a real gem.

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Nowadays, ‘Juanpis González, the series’ It is the second most watched in Colombia, after Café con aroma de mujer, which holds number one.

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