JPSUV highlights the importance of the youth leader in strengthening the Revolution

JPSUV highlights the importance of the youth leader in strengthening the Revolution

From the “Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda” Air Base, in Caracas, the Fourth Plenary of the JPSUV Congress continued, where the Vice President of Religious Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro Guerra, said that “a leader is a person who stands out, a person who is there to lead the masses, in short, is a position that a social actor exercises to strengthen the Revolution.”

He also explained the importance of the political and economic knowledge that this social actor, such as a leader, must possess in order to achieve the objectives set by the Revolution.

“Among the functions of the leader are: to lead, to convince the masses to guide them, with the truth and arguments, why it is necessary to go towards the horizon of objectives outlined, in this case, by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela”, plot.

Likewise, he pointed out that the leader is motivated by causes and doctrines, that he must have a high sense of responsibility, with the cause he defends, the people he represents and the environment in which he operates.

On the other hand, the Vice President of Mobilization and Events of the PSUV, Nahum Fernández, present in this plenary session, referred: “I congratulate the JPSUV because it has had to live the heroic resistance with our president Nicolás Maduro”.

Fernandez pointed out that at present times of change are going through, of transformations within the youth of the Party.

The Vice President of Mobilization and Events of the PSUV affirmed that “in this congress the synthesis of the thought of Comandante Chávez and President Maduro is revealed, in relation to the link in the territorial sphere and the organization on this, with the aspirations and needs that we have to satisfy as a revolutionary government to the youth”.

Finally, he specified that the youth has a path and a challenge to be able to guarantee the leadership that will transcend to generate the philosophical conditions for the Bolivarian revolutionary logic.


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