Journalists stand before Segob again to demand security to work

Journalists stand before Segob again to demand security to work

For these reasons, a public letter was read to the president and the governors, in which they demanded to stop the climate of violence against journalism and punish the crimes against them.

According to figures from the organization Article 19, from 2000 to date there have been 150 murders of journalists in Mexico. Of that total of victims, 138 were men and 12 were women.

“Of these crimes, 47 were registered when Enrique Peña Nieto was in charge of the presidency and 30 in the current administration of López Obrador. Veracruz tops the list with 31 murders; Guerrero and Oaxaca, with 15; Tamaulipas, with 14, and Chihuahua, with 28”, was recorded in the letter.

In addition, since 2003 some 23 journalists have disappeared and “only in the first half of 2021, in Mexico a journalist was attacked every 12 hours, according to data from Article 19,” he warned.

This Monday was the second protest of journalists in front of the Segob in less than a month.

In the demonstration this Monday, as happened last Tuesday, January 25, when the first mobilization of the year was carried out to demand justice for the murders of communicators, tonight it was agreed to hold a National Assembly of Journalists.

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