Journalists march in CDMX to demand justice for their murdered colleagues

Journalists march in CDMX to demand justice for their murdered colleagues

Also because, Juan Bautista, from the Fraternity of Reporters, denounced, 6 of the murdered journalists were members of the Mechanism. “There is evidence” that information has been leaked from there, in addition to the fact that “nobody knows” 92 of the alleged communicators under that protection, so an audit of that instance is urgent, he detailed.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism.

Communicator crimes continue

According to Article 19, Mexico registers 35 murders of journalists only in this administration. These already counting the murder of Enrique Ramïrez, director of the portal Reliable Sources of Sinaloa and columnist for The debateassassinated last week, and those of Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi, director of the truthful, Veracruz, and Sheila Johana Olivera, a photojournalist for that outlet, shot to death outside a convenience store on Monday.

In the mobilization relatives of assassinated communicators demanded justice. Among them, Freddy López Moreno, son of journalist Freddy López, murdered in Chiapas, and Griselda Triana, widow of Javier Valdez, who warned that impunity prevails and there is a lack of will to investigate and punish those responsible.

“The prosecutors are in collusion with the crime“Lopez charged. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “should see journalists as the main allies” in the fight against corruption that he offered, instead of labeling them as his enemies, he added.

Triana warned that today with the communicators of Veracruz it is shown that “something is out of control, something has not been done well or everything has been done wrong, the mechanisms do not work, nor is the prosecutor’s office a situation of impotence, of frustration.” “I don’t think that leaving Irazoque will resolve it,” she pointed out.

Families demand justice for those killed.



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