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Journalist Fredid Román is murdered in Chilpancingo, Guerrero

Journalist Fredid Román is murdered in Chilpancingo, Guerrero

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that it began an investigation for the crime of homicide by firearm, against those who are responsible.

Ministerial and Expert Services staff traveled to the scene of the events to carry out the corresponding investigative acts to obtain the evidence necessary to clarify the crime.

The State Prosecutor’s Office indicated that it is already carrying out investigation and follow-up work to clarify the facts, so that the law is applied to those responsible for various crimes.

The last publication that the journalist made on his social networks was about the arrest warrants that were released on Friday against those involved in the Ayotzinapa case.

Mexican politicians condemned the events and demanded that the authorities find those responsible.

“May the journalist Fredy Román rest in peace, shot to death today in Guerrero. The conscience of President López Obrador also rests in peace; There are 15 journalists murdered in Mexico”, published Senator Lilly Téllez.

“I strongly condemn the terrible and cowardly murder of Fredy Román, journalist from Guerrero, columnist, director and owner of the newspaper Reality”, pointed out the senator from Guerrero Manuel Añorve Baños.

According to the organization Article 19, only in the first half of 2022, 331 attacks against journalists and media outlets were recorded in Mexico.

During these first six months, cases of lethal violence, displacement, stigmatization and online violence stand out for their seriousness and increase, Article 19 points out.

In the aforementioned period, 12 journalists were murdered in Mexico, 9 of which were identified as evidence linking them to journalistic work.

“In Mexico, a phenomenon that is increasing is the forced internal displacement (DIF) and the exile of journalists, who in the absence of guarantees that allow them to carry out their work safely, were forced to leave their homes. ”, informs Article 19.

Just on August 16, Sonora state authorities reported the discovery of the lifeless body of independent journalist Juan Arjón López, who, according to family and friends, had disappeared since August 9.

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