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Journalist and filmmaker Arnaldo Jabor dies at 81

Died today (15), at the age of 81, the filmmaker, columnist and journalist Arnaldo Jabor. He had been hospitalized since December 17, 2021 at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in the capital of São Paulo, after suffering an ischemic vascular accident (CVA).Journalist and filmmaker Arnaldo Jabor dies at 81

Jabor participated in the Cinema Novo movement in the 1960s, which sought to bring a new aesthetic to national cinema, influenced by Italian neorealism and the new wave french.

In 1967, he released his first feature film, The Public Opinion, which brings excerpts from interviews and scenes from daily life in Rio de Janeiro. In the following years, launches Pindorama (1973) and All Nudity Will Be Punished (1973), an adaptation of Nelson Rodrigues’ play. Darlene Glória, in the role of the prostitute Geni, won the Silver Bear for best actress at the Berlin Film Festival.

In 1975, he adapted for the cinema the novel The weddingby Nelson Rodrigues, which had the actress Camila Amado awarded at the Gramado Festival as best supporting actress.

In 1978, the so-called Apartment Trilogy begins, launching It’s all rightawarded as the best film at the Brasília Festival, which had Paulo Gracindo and Fernanda Montenegro in the cast.

With Paulo César Pereio and Sônia Braga in the main roles, he directed the second film of the trilogy, in 1980, I love you. In the next movie, I know I will love you (1986), Fernanda Torres wins the award for best actress at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the 1990s, with the dismantling of policies to encourage Brazilian cinema, Jabor resumed his career as a journalist. He was a columnist for newspapers like The globe and the Folha de S. Paulo. He even had fixed opinion boards on TV Globo and on CBN radio.

In the 2000s, he released the books love is prose, sex is poetry (2004) and pornopolitics (2006).

The National Film Agency (Ancine) released a note lamenting the death of Jabor. The agency recalled the trajectory of the filmmaker and journalist and sent condolences to family and friends.

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