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José Méndez will whistle the first superclásico of the year

The referee José Méndez was appointed to direct the first superclassic of 2022, to be played this Sunday in the Nueva Olla.

The Referees Commission of the Paraguayan Football Association appointed the authorities that will be in the commitments of the sixth date of the Apertura Tournament, which will start this Friday 11 and will last until Monday, March 14.

José Natanael Méndez will be in charge of the situations of the expected Cerro Porteño vs. Olimpia to be played this Sunday at the Barça temple.

Here, the referees of a new chapter:

Friday March 11

Sportivo Ameliano vs. tacuary

Stadium: Martin Torres.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza.

Assistants: José Cuevas and Héctor Medina.

Fourth referee: Derlis Benítez.

VAR: Mario Diaz de Vivar.

AVAR: Julio Aranda.

Support referee: Alipio Colmán.

Saturday March 12

Sun of America vs. Resistance

Stadium: Luis A. Giagni.

Time: 18:00.

Referee: David Ojeda.

Assistants: Roberto Cañete and Darío Gaona.

Fourth referee: Zulma Quiñónez.

VAR: Fernando Lopez.

AVAR: Rodney Aquino.

Support referee: Julio Quintana.

Guarani vs. Knight General JLM

Stadium: Rogelio S. Livieres.

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Referee: Juan Gabriel Benitez.

Assistants: Félix Arzamendia and Hugo Martínez.

Fourth referee: Aldo Quiñónez.

VAR: Ulises Mereles.

AVAR: Laura Miranda.

Support referee: Juan López.

Sunday March 13

Cerro Porteno vs. Olympia

Stadium: General Pablo Rojas.

Time: 18:00.

Referee: Jose Mendez.

Assistants: Eduardo Cardozo and Milciades Saldívar.

Fourth referee: Derlis López.

VAR: Eber Aquino.

AVAR: Eduardo Britos.

Support referee: Fernando López.

Monday March 14

Guaireña FC vs. October 12 °

Stadium: Guaira Park.

Time: 18:00.

Referee: Alipio Colman.

Assistants: José Mercado and Esteban Testta.

Fourth referee: Ulises Mereles.

VAR: Fernando Lopez.

AVAR: Nancy Fernandez.

Support referee: Julio Quintana.

National vs. Liberty

Stadium: Arsenio Erico.

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Referee: Carlos Paul Benitez.

Assistants: Luis Onieva and Carmelo Candia.

Fourth referee: Samuel Morales.

VAR: Mario Diaz de Vivar.

AVAR: Felix Arzamendia.

Support referee: Juan López.

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