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José M. Murià: The new Mexican foreign policy

José M. Muria


in the case of politics The current exterior seems new to those who are not aware of what it had been until the mid-1990s. The previous one, which was truly presumable, was created at the end of the Revolution with the principles of prominent Mexicans of that time. , more or less grouped around Lázaro Cárdenas, although there was some Callista infiltrator, who by the way was one of the best: Bassols.

We could handle various names, but it will suffice to mention Isidro Fabela. Nor can I resist mentioning Luis I. Rodríguez and Gilberto Bosques, who executed those principles, already established, in Nazi France, saving the lives of tens of thousands of people, and many others, over time, such as Gonzalo Martínez Corbalá , who did the same in Chile in 1973.

It was about maximizing the right to asylum that Mexico advocated. It is also worth remembering the right to self-determination of peoples, which was cemented by refusing to recognize the spurious and criminal government of General Franco in Spain, and the peaceful settlement of disputes, among several other things.

It is said, for example, that in Mexico there have been political refugees from almost all Latin American countries, perhaps excepting Costa Rica.

It can also be added that, in the first instance, more Spanish refugees came to our country than to all the other countries of America combined.

I cannot deny that it was pleasant to officially represent Mexico in the international arena at that time. But it is also encouraging that this is happening again.

Two events, among many, frame the collapse of our foreign policy. The Fox government handed over several Basque refugees to the Spain of the almost fascist José M. Aznar, even two of whom had already acquired Mexican nationality. It should be recognized that the PAN played an important role in the Mexican surrender of the first two decades of this century.

But the PRI itself closes the picture, which betrayed itself by expelling the North Korean ambassador for no reason. The executor was the certain Videgaray, who said he took the Foreign Relations portfolio to learn and what he did was screw up and make a fool of the country, all because of a gringo buddy’s foolishness.

It is worth proclaiming that with Marcelo Ebrard the old foreign policy took flight again. There are the cases of the salvation of Evo Morales, the support for the Argentine presidency and the respect for Venezuela, to put three cases, in such a way that young people from other countries are dazzled with surprise and the old ones smack our lips because Mexico returns to his glorious walks of yore. I hope it doesn’t stop.

An incontrovertible example is that of Barcelona, ​​where the consulate had become a safe so that no local influence could permeate into it. The beautiful farm was used to care for Mexicans in trouble, but their other obligations were forgotten. Not a year ago the new consul, Doña Claudia Pavlovich, took office, shortly preceded by our countryman Adrián Michel, and that began to become a hive of people and activities, while the consul left its four walls and it has already begun to venture into smaller cities: to my delight, the first was Girona, but it is already preparing its presence in the others.

We can assure you that Mexico’s pork rinds will soon thunder in the Barcelona consular jurisdiction, taking advantage of the fact that the land is fertile in Catalonia, despite the fact that previous efforts made them ugly.

I will give just one example: in 2014, the University of Girona paid tribute to Lázaro Cárdenas and the Mexican people for the help they received during their Civil War. Despite having been specially invited, the Mexican consulate did not attend or apologize…

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