José Gavidia: “The FF.  AA.  they are not deliberative and they are respectful guardians of the Constitution”

José Gavidia: “The FF. AA. they are not deliberative and they are respectful guardians of the Constitution”

Defense Minister, Joseph Gavidia He spoke out on his networks to point out that the Armed forces are respectful of Magna Carta Y “democratic principles”. The minister’s comment is issued after the spokesperson and congressman for Popular Renovation Jorge Montoya mention that the current Parliament will not allow the closure of this power of the State and affirmed that the military team would support the Legislative because “They know perfectly well which side of history they should be on, and it is on the side of the Constitution.”

”For the umpteenth time, the FF. AA. they are non-deliberative and are respectful guardians of the Constitution and democratic principles. The subliminal messages to break the constitutional order are not only irresponsible, but also disrespect our military institutions,” reads the shared tweet.

That is why, in another message shared on his social network, Joseph Gavlanguage He asked to “act responsibly” in the face of this kind of comment.

“I reiterate my call to the political class to act responsibly, due process and helping to strengthen democracy, respecting the popular vote of the 2021 elections”, added the Minister of Defense.

It is not the first time that the Armed forces are involved in these types of situations. Weeks ago, through filtered audio it became known that the president of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva He expressed himself in the same sense: “They are with us,” he said, referring to the military institution.

“They all went out through the little coast at 11, 11:30 at night or 12:00. Everyone ran away, no one stayed. What would have happened if they hadn’t come out? What happens is that the imbecile (Martín Vizcarra) took the photo the next day with the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces were confiscated. We already know that, but now the Armed Forces are with us”, said.

The owner’s comment Board of Directors he was referring to the support of the aforementioned institution to the former president Martin Vizacarra after the announcement of dissolution of Congress. The then commanding general of the Joint Command of the Armed forces, Cesar Astudillo arrived at the Government Palace in the company of the general commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force to talk with Vizcarra Cornejo.

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