Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi dies

Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi dies

he died this sunday Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi, considered the mother marine conservation in the Caribbean.

The death was confirmed by the recently elected rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Editrudis Beltran.

“It is with deep sorrow that we received the news of the departure of teacher Idelisa Bonelly de Calventi, a worthy professor at our Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and founder of Cibima and the School of Biology of our UASD. May her legacy serve as an inspiration for the entire Uasdian family,” Beltrán wrote through her Twitter account.

The Marine Biology Research Center (Cibima) is a university scientific research institute founded by the lady in 1962.

So far the reason for the death of Bonnelly de Calventi is unknown.

Bonelly was the wife of Dr. Vinicio Calventi Gaviño, with whom she had two children: Vinicio Calventi Bonnelly and Laura Calventi Bonnelly.

The director of the Fiduciaria Banreservas, Andrés van der Horst, highlighted that Bonnelly is the mother of marine biology in the country.

“May the teacher rest in peace Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi. The mother of marine biology in the country. Founder of CIBIMA and the mentor of many biologists and especially of my mother, who is also a biologist and her successor”, she stated in a van der Horst tweet.

Biography of Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi

Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi He was born in Santiago de los Caballeros on September 10, 1931.

Bachelor and Master of Science from Columbia University and New York University, New York, USA. He majored in Marine Biology, working as a research assistant to Dr. Ross Nigrelli, director of the New York Aquarium Research Laboratory.

She founded the UASD Marine Biology Research Center (CIBIMA), the first university institution for the study of this discipline and, a little later, promoted the creation of the UASD School of Biology, where she worked as a professor (1967- 1986).

It created the Dominican Foundation for Marine Studies, Fundemar, an institution from which, among other relevant actions (study of dolphins and coral reefs), it coordinates the Marine Mammal Sanctuary Management Plan. He coordinated (1985-1992) the postgraduate studies in Marine Sciences and Aquaculture at CIBIMA (UASD).

Among the honors and awards received by Professor Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi They are: Medal of Merit for Women in Sciences, Dominican Government (1986), Most Merit Professor, Founding Member of the Academy of Sciences, receiving in 2009 the highest honor granted by the Academy of Sciences “Laudatio Academica”

Global 500 Honor List, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) (1988), United Nations Environment Organization Global 500 Award (1995), Madame Curie Medal on the 50th Anniversary (UNESCO, 2009), Award for Distinguished Service in Biology, Society for the Conservation of Biology (SCB), Victoria, Canada (2010) and Decoration with the Order of Duarte, Sánchez and Mella from the Dominican Government (2011).

His scientific publications have served as the basis for decision-making in the management and conservation of the country’s marine resources, and the creation of protected areas such as the Humpback Whale Sanctuary of the Banco de la Plata (1986), today Sanctuary of the Banks Silver and Christmas.

Between these works it is possible to mention: Studies of Dominican fishing biology (1974); Report on the coastal and marine biodiversity of the Dominican Republic (1992); Marine mammals in the Dominican Republic. Materials and Services Workshops (1994) and Index of Coastal and Marine Environmental Legislation of the DR (1998). She is married to Dr. Vinicio Calventi Gaviño, she is the mother of two children, Vinicio Calventi Bonnelly and Laura Calventi Bonnelly, who have given her several grandchildren.

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