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José Blanco: The Cream


The development of Mexican democracy was always notoriously incomplete. On a capitalist social base, dependent on the outside for its daily reproduction, and crossed by forms of internal colonialism, the institutions of democracy make up a thick cream floating on the surface, unaware of that devastating reality. More particularly, they are blind to basic social needs, and they have canceled penetrating the life of the people of Mexico: it is a cheap democracy for the political elites. Furthermore, it is a political democracy deliberately disconnected from public policy.

As well as the right-wing opposition prianredista voted against the people –in the case of the electricity reform–, and in favor of the interests of foreign companies, will also vote against any reform that seeks to link political life with the real material life of the majority or that proposes inclusive forms of popular participation. Among others, the bombastic deputy Creel Miranda, before knowing any reform proposal, sentenced: Any initiative that tends to change the current integration of the INE will be voted against by the PAN parliamentary group, and this will be extended to our Va por México coalition.. Undoubtedly, they will not change a comma to the current legal provisions. They will vote as they have always done: without any reference to the people of Mexico. This democracy is not for the mob, it is for the political parties, which shuffle it and distribute it.

Like many others, the current Mexican democracy was created by the political parties, for the political parties. It was made under the heroic assumption that the really existing parties represent to the citizens and are indispensable mediations between society and the state. It doesn’t matter what those parties are, and let all of us know that they have never played that role of mediation. They play for themselves, and their real business and raison d’être is to wield political power for themselves or, if they are in opposition, to do anything to win it. What democracy is that?

The 2018 electoral exercise was the first attempt, on a national scale, by the excluded peoples to come out of the basements of this society built to give permanence to the most brutal inequality and the insane privilege of those above. They did it through the simultaneous formation of the workshop, of that movement-party that called for national regeneration and the invention of AMLO, its natural leader. The game rules and Morena’s carelessness, prevented the 4T government from retaining a qualified majority to carry out a political-electoral reform to change such rules.

Made by the parties, the rules, among other things, say how the game of the distribution of the seats must be. So that they are all happy, if they do not reach a seat for the citizen vote, we the parties create some rules, for the representation of minorities: thus, 300 originated for the citizen vote and, no less, another 200 that we the parties choose, with the rules of us the parties. And those, say some organic intellectuals of this democracy, are indispensable mediation between society and the state. Too much cachaça. The whole law is full of fictions, like the legal equalitybut it is not enough for them, so they come up with a representation Socialinventing more mediations: the pluralwho allegedly come from minority citizens.

In addition, those political demiurges say, if you want us to be honest and fair, you citizens, through the parties ourselves, must give us huge mountains of money every year, but increased when there are elections. In this country of millions of starving. It is that democracy is expensive, they usually say. But does that shameless payment prevent private money and public money from being stolen in elections? Let’s ask Peña Nieto, Videgaray, Antonio Meade, Osorio Chong, Rosario Robles, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Murillo Karam, Enrique Ochoa, Emilio Lozoya or the Odebrecht consortium, which has already changed its name to hide, how much money went into the parties for the election of the first, and how much the deputies received for mediate between society and the statepassing laws to privatize public goods and increase privileges without restraint.

The unwritten rules of the privilege system have been struck down in the present government. But many of the yes written are still in force, such as those that organize political life…, of the political elites, who serve the rules of the privilege of the private.

That was the world of Peña, Calderón, and Fox, and all the etcetera that you want to add; done with the rules of politics that the opposition parties defend and will defend. It is the world that the bombastic Creel and the Va por México coalition will defend.

Many reforms are needed to change the lives of those below.

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