José Adán Aguerri, with mushrooms, vision problems and migraines due to the imprisonment ordered by Ortega

José Adán Aguerri, with mushrooms, vision problems and migraines due to the imprisonment ordered by Ortega

Relatives of the former president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) and political prisoner Jose Adam Aguerri They found that the opponent is suffering from serious health complications.

The businessman’s relatives visited him on Thursday, March 17, at the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, known as “El Nuevo Chipote” in Managua. Aguerri has lost weight and in different parts of his body he has fungus as a result of the subhuman conditions to which he is subjected.

The opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD) reported that the member of that organization presents fungus on his back and chest; partial loss of vision in her left eye, otitis —ear infection— and migraine.

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He also explained that Aguerri currently weighs 135 pounds and that he is emotionally affected by the death of his mother, Hilda Chamorro Hurtado, who died on October 11, 2021. “Specialized and periodic medical attention is urgently needed. #Nicaragua #SOSNicaragua #Freedom for political prisoners», stressed the ACJD on its Twitter account.

Article 66 knew that Maria Germania Carrion wife of the hostage of the Ortega dictatorship, was the one who visited him and learned of the effects on his health. This medium tried to contact her to find out more details about her sobra Aguerri, but no communication could be established.

In addition to Aguerri, it is known that the executive president of the Production Bank (Banpro), Luis Rivas, with whom the former Cosep director shares a cell, is in the same condition and with facial paralysis.

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José Adán Aguerri has been imprisoned in “El Nuevo Chipote” since June 8, 2021, in a hunt against opposition leaders that began in May 2020.

On March 3, the Fifth Judge of the Criminal Trial District, Félix Ernesto Salmerón Moreno, sentenced him to 13 years in prison for the alleged crimes of “conspiracy against the country.”

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