Jorge Rodríguez: Colombia and Venezuela must remain sisters

The president of the National Assemblies (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, assured this Thursday that it is necessary for Colombia and Venezuela to resume brotherly relations: “We need these nations that were born sisters, to remain as sisters.”

The information was released after the parliament unanimously approved the appointment of Felix Plasencia as ambassador of Venezuela in Colombia.

“Citizen Félix Plasencia is a man with all the spirit to work for the reestablishment of relations with our sister Republic of Colombia,” he said as he left parliament.

He stressed that the process of aggression that Venezuela experienced from Colombia with the government of Iván Duque should not be repeated.

“The breakdown of relations affected the normal life of Venezuelan diplomacy, many international agreements they were violated with the previous government of Colombia and that must change,” he said.

He added that things are going very fast: “Fortunately, the expectations of the rapprochement are many. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Roy Barreras, president of the Colombian Congress, and with Senator Gloria Florez. Timoteo Zambrano has also talked with them” and added that a work plan between both nations will soon be announced.

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