Jorge Marticorena on Hernán Condori: "I would have looked for someone else" for the Minsa

Jorge Marticorena on Hernán Condori: “I would have looked for someone else” for the Minsa

The congressman of Peru Libre, pointed out that, if he had been president, he would not have appointed Hernán Condori as Minister of Health, since he assured that he believes in “meritocracy.”

In dialogue with Canal N, he did not advance the meaning of his vote in the plenary session this Thursday, in which the censorship of the head of the Minsa will be debated and voted, since his bench has not yet made a decision.

I am in favor of meritocracy, there are young people who have studied and are waiting for an opportunity, it is a decision that they made [el Gobierno]. If I had been able to choose, I would have looked for someone else”, he asserted.

Regarding the officials appointed by the Government, Marticorena considered that the names of those who are evaluated to assume public positions should be known, so that there is an adequate control of their background.

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The excessive confidence in proposing officials and not making revisions has led them to make mistakes. Before being appointed, the names should be known, because the officials themselves do not say their past”, he added.

What does the motion of censure say?

In the document that supports the censorship, it was detailed that the head of the Ministry of Health lacked suitability to occupy the position, since a few days before his appointment “he exercised the profession in an inadequate manner by promoting the sale of Cluster X2 (‘agua arracimada’ ) attributing medicinal properties to it that have not been verified or certified by any official or academic authority”.

It also reports that Condori Machado used his status as a doctor to promote a cervical cancer diagnostic service in 1 minute, despite not having a specialty in gynecology or oncology.

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“Hernán Condori Machado has not shown the capacity to hold office either. Thus, from a review of the resume and experience in public health management, it can be seen that the Minister of Health was appointed as Regional Director of Health in Junín on January 2, 2020 and remained in office until January 8 of the same year. On that occasion he was removed from the position for lack of suitability to hold the position ”add the document.

Among other arguments, it indicates that the appointment of Hernán Condori provoked a unanimous rejection of the country’s medical community, represented by the Medical College of Peru, which held a sit-in against him.


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