Jorge Enrique Robledo is no longer in Congress, what is he going to dedicate himself to now?

Jorge Enrique Robledo was one of the most experienced congressmen the country had. However, after 20 years of his presence at the capitol to attend debates of political control, present bills, among other functions, several people in the political world have recognized his work.

However, Robledo made the decision not to re-launch his candidacy for Congress, despite the fact that he was in the consultation for the Hope Center Coalition, in which he did not obtain the expected results. But despite this, he did manage to achieve, together with other allied leaders, the Dignity party, taking another course in the country’s politics.

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During many of his terms, Robledo received the support of many Colombians whoWho felt identified with his ideology, and that is why he was one of the most voted senators for many periods.

Given Robledo’s departure, many have wondered what the former senator will do now after so many years in public service, and to clarify these things was the same former senator who through a trill explained what he will be doing for the moment.

“They ask me what I will do after July 20. I will continue to act as a public servant Studying and giving my opinion. Fighting against corruption. Supporting noble social and political causes Defending production and work More time with my family. In addition, I listen to ideas”, was what the congressman wrote.

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