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Jorge Carrillo Olea: National Guard, with the child crossed


he mexican proverb uses that expression to describe the predicament a purpose can find itself in. The child means what is desired, what is good and new that childbirth promises. Traversed is the descriptive term for an undesirable, risky situation, perhaps the anticipation of a fatal event.

The creation of the National Guard (GN) as a socially indispensable instrument, more than three years after its legal creation, is not a completed project, it is still maturing, following ambiguous paths.

Its biggest deficit is that it has not been professionalized as a civil force, with firm convictions of social commitment because it lacks the appropriate educational system. The product was not finished.

In addition to the short gestational times, it must be considered that the realization of the presidential purpose did not meet important requirements. Only three are mentioned:

1) Observe the premise that the police profession is a social science, so it should be considered in that category.

2) It is essential to daily strengthen the spirit of building peace within the framework of respect for human rights until a culture is created.

3) Taking the opportunity, the national police model to be adopted should have been defined and within it, indicate what its place would be in the Federation-state-municipalities pyramid, a task largely dismissed. It was not done and thus the confusion of jurisdictional competences was aggravated. Everyone performs any mission anywhere.

It is fair to recapitulate the restrictions imposed by the unfavorable conditions in which the NG was created. In her delivery, serious factors were combined that led to hasty decisions. Let’s remember five:

A) Violent expansion of crime of unforeseen magnitude.

B) Unnoticed masses of migrants on the southern border.

C) The demand of the United States to prevent them from reaching our northern border.

D) The revelation of the enormous theft of fuels called huachicol.

E) Weakness of state and municipal police.

No force of civil order existing then could have been able to with those apocalyptic five enemies. Despite the heterodox ways of its birth, the foreseeable future of the GN is definitely positive. For decades -six presidents- they have tried to create something similar without results, today we have a breakthrough.

To better describe its value, consider that at the beginning of September its forces deployed in support of 11 states with critical levels of violence meant approximately 50 percent more than the sum of those state and municipal troops, also endowed with incomparable power.

Also being honest, a negative indicator of its operation must be recognized, which reveals that the more than 100 thousand elements and their equipment lack specific missions. Their operational orders deal with problems where they arise, they deal with what is offered, which is why they are perceived as jumping from one problem to another.

Its troops should be permanent, stable by region or state, identifying with the community, participating in its life, earning its appreciation. So far the genesis and early stages are discussed to reach certain conclusions.

Due to its hasty creation, the GN may not soon reach the levels of excellence that it would have if it had been born under favorable conditions, but it is already a formidable force, available and growing.

The presidential commitment to create a dignified, efficient and socially respectable GN has already reached an important level, but much remains to be done, especially in creating an educational system.

However, given what has been achieved and in a constantly deteriorating security situation, we should think about what our situation would be without it. There are achievements, but much remains to be done.

The project requires conceptual adjustments, interpreted through new legal articulations and practical definitions of organization and operation.

An example of its indeterminate existence is the very law that creates it. Its article 9 assigns it 43 powers, which is equivalent to having no limits. Thus, every act will find justification. From there arises a principle of lack of control.

The project is of high national interest. It must be the most suitable instrument to confront violence of all kinds and scope. The social alarm is more strident every day.

It is everyone’s duty to make each moment better than the previous one; however, we seem to care more about its controversial nature than its hopeful merits.

It has unfortunately been sunk in the political whirlpool more of pre-election interests than of its own nature. Bad thing. She must be seen with the wisdom to identify her as the ultimate certainty.

It seems that in the current legislative debate the seriousness of maintaining delaying controversies is ignored when we should all join in favor of the GN. We are before the last call. We are playing with supreme values. Saying it doesn’t offend anyone. There is a high national interest at stake!

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