Amelia Calzadilla denounces that the Cuban Government wants to incriminate her with a false crime

Amelia Calzadilla denounces that the Cuban Government wants to incriminate her with a false crime

Amelia Calzadilla, the mother from Havana who a few months ago became one of the symbols of discontent in Cuba when doing a direct Counting the hardships he faced daily, he has exploded again in networks this Friday.

She did it to denounce, in a direct transmission on Facebook, that the authorities are trying to incriminate her for stealing electricity from some neighbors, a crime that, she assures, she has not committed.

Last June, Calzadilla published a video in which she took a tour of the difficulties that she, and therefore all Cubans, faced in order to put a plate on the table, put shoes on her children or pay the high electricity rates. His protest was addressed in the first place to the Minister of Energy and Mines, from whom he demanded a solution to the problem in the gas supply that the family had suffered for years, but his darts also reached other officials with names and surnames, such as Miguel Díaz -Canel, Lis Cuesta or Bruno Rodríguez.

That direct went viral and, a week later, was summoned by the authorities of the municipality of Cerroan attention that was accompanied by a attempted smear both on the part of the official press like trolls officialists. Those voices insinuated, as is usual in cases in which someone on the Island raises an opinion that is discordant with the government, that the young 31-year-old mother was financed by “someone”, in a clear allusion abroad.

“They are demagogues, they speak and promise and do not fulfill”

Since then, Calzadilla explains in his broadcast this Friday, he had decided not to intervene in the networks anymore, because from that episode his life “changed completely” and he preferred to leave the space “for other voices.” If he decided to republish a complaint, he says, it is because “today I have a problem and I have a serious problem.”

The woman assures that she continues to pay “extremely high current rates” and without receiving gas service, even after “that Show media, of having been outraged, discriminated against, besieged” and of having met with the president of Cerro, whom she specifically names. “They are demagogues, they speak and promise and do not comply,” she cries.

Calzadilla also says that she has reactive hepatitis, after suffering from hemorrhagic dengue that sent her to intensive care, and that everyone in her house has been sick these months. “Here they brought me covid to my house and my whole family got sick.”

Thus, the young woman reports that “the companions of light” appeared at her house to claim that a computer from her house was taken from a neighbor’s current. Calzadilla does not hesitate to show the bills that he claims to have paid despite considering them fraudulent –6,772 pesos in September, 7,809 pesos in August– and bursts out: “Today they wanted to show that, in addition to those exorbitant electricity rates that I pay, I was hooked on another neighbor stealing his current, to incriminate me, because they have not been able to prove anything of what they have insinuated”.

Calzadilla, an English philologist by training, explains where the reason for this false accusation may lie. After passing an exam on April 26, she says, she agreed to a translation and intercultural mediation study program at the University of Salamanca, in Spain, and must request her criminal record for the consular interview. “Of course, those records are blank, clean, because I am not a criminal, I never have been, and coincidentally, in the framework in which they send me the credentials to request the appointment at the Consulate [español]this situation appears,” he speculates.

“I do not spare in my country. To be honest, my country should be grateful for young people like me”

In her long video, lasting more than half an hour, the girl attacks a system in which she categorically states that she does not believe “I will not believe again”: “We are decent people, people who stopped believing, and we do not believe in you We say it openly.”

“I think that in this country there is only room for indecent people, because when people are decent and decently claim what affects us,” he recriminates, “we are sanctioned, judged, outraged, humiliated.”

And he continues: “I, who for years working in the tourism sector produced millions of dollars for this country, there are times when I feel that I have too much in my country,” but he asserts: “I don’t have too much in my country. To be honest, My country should be grateful to young people like me. Young people determined to study, who want to make an effort, who have participated in the production of this country”.


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