Johnson defends urgent measures to strengthen Euro-Atlantic security

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, today defended the need for an “urgent campaign” to “strengthen security and resistance capacity throughout the Euro-Atlantic area”.

The British head of government will present an “action plan” on Monday before the russian invasion in ukraine to the prime ministers of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, whom he plans to receive at his London residence in Downing Street.

On Tuesday, Johnson will meet with the leaders of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, according to a statement from his official spokesman.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “must fail and must be perceived as failing in this act of aggression,” the British prime minister said.

“It is not enough that we show our support for the international order based on laws. We must defend it against any sustained attempt to rewrite the rules through military force,” he added.

In addition to tightening Euro-Atlantic security, Johnson will support the creation of an “international humanitarian coalition” to help Ukraine, as well as increasing resources so that Kiev can guarantee its “self-defense.”

At the same time, he will bet on “maximizing economic pressure on the Putin regime” and deepening diplomatic channels to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine.

That diplomatic work, however, should only advance “on the basis of the full participation of the legitimate Government of Ukraine,” the British prime minister argued. EFE

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