Johannes Kaiser again puts the right in trouble and forces the Government and Kast to condemn his transphobic sayings against Emilia Schneider

Johannes Kaiser again puts the right in trouble and forces the Government and Kast to condemn his transphobic sayings against Emilia Schneider

Once again the elected deputy Johannes Kaiser is at the center of the controversy, and once again he puts his sector in trouble. This time it was because of his statements in a transmission on his YouTube channel “Nacional Libertario”, where he attacked his counterpart Emilia Schneider (Comunes), the first transgender parliamentarian in Chile, which led to the immediate rejection of the Government and even of his candidate presidential, José Antonio Kast.

In the broadcast, the also deputy Gloria Naveilán (REP) urged viewers to guess with whom she was going to share an office in Congress. Someone replied “you and Joe”, alluding to Kaiser. After reading the response, the former republican concluded: “But do you know what the fun is going to be? You are going to have to share a bathroom with Emilia Schneider “, which caused laughter from the participants in the transmission.

Consulted in this regard, the spokesperson Jaime Bellolio he deeply regretted this, which has already been seen as a kind of behavior pattern, which is totally unacceptable. Going over the dignity of another person is not something that is democratic. Such behavior is totally and deeply unacceptable because it damages the dignity of that person, and through that person, of other people. “

“It was my turn, when I was a deputy, to process the gender identity project (…) and when one knows the life experiences of those people who have had to make the transit, obviously they see it in a different way, because to them is very painful and difficult. There is discrimination that is very great, and that discrimination cannot continue to continue, less in an elected authority that will assume the first of March, “said the authority of the General Secretariat of Government (Segegob ) on T13 Radio.

“There is a saying that a king once said to a president at an international conference: Why don’t you shut up? It would be good if he stopped once and for all insulting those people who are part of diversity, who are also part of the dignity of our country, and that they do not deserve to be treated in this way, “he added.

To Bellolio’s sayings was added the Minister of Women and Gender Equity, Mónica Zalaquett, who described as “unacceptable” the transphobic sayings of the elected deputy former Republican Party. “All hate speech against a woman must be condemned. I want to remember that Mr. Kaiser had to leave his party for similar sayings, “he said.

It is worth remembering that a few weeks ago, Kaiser was in the eye of the hurricane after a video went viral in which he questions the right to vote of women, after which old tweets of the male-chauvinist parliamentarian-elect came to light, causing a series of criticisms, as well as the closure of his Twitter account, and the resignation of his membership in the Republican Party, led by presidential candidate José Antonio Kast.

The latter also added to the unchecking of his parliamentary candidate for district 10. “I think that such comments are absolutely despicable. I offer you all the apologies on behalf of the Republican Party, of which I am not president, because It is not our way of expressing ourselves, “he said. Kast this morning at Mucho Gusto.

“This is unacceptable, it is crude, it is tacky, it lowers the level of discussion and I regret that elected parliamentarians fall for that. In the case of Kaiser, I condemned in the first moment, in the first instance in which I became aware of what had gone viral, ”added the presidential candidate.

In this context, the spokesperson for La Moneda, who took the opportunity to announce that this afternoon “we are going to enact the equal marriage law, which means an advance in the dignity and rights of the people,” recalled that “freedom of expression has a limit, and has a limit in human dignity.

“Our legal system is ordered in such a way that a person who expresses an opinion cannot be censored ex ante, but afterwards they can go to court, for example, for insults and slander, and also for hate speech that is understood within those that are protected by the Zamudio law, “he closed.

Schneider repudiated Kaiser sayings

Yesterday, the elected deputy Emilia Schneider came to the step of Kaiser’s sayings, on Twitter, where she repudiated the transphobia that “extreme right-wing representatives of Kast exude”, noting that it is not because “they refer to me, but because they humiliate the community “.

“Making fun of trans people for going to the bathroom is infamous. I hope the candidate (José Antonio Kast) says something. Our rights are in danger,” said the member of the Broad Front.

“While they laugh, our community still does not have access to rights such as education, health, pensions and work in decent conditions. I said it and I will comply: I will not allow ridicule and hate speech to spread irresponsibly against our LBGTI + community” he declared.

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