Joel Garcia believes that the trial against Juan Requesens could end this #1Aug

García stated that this Monday the defense and the Public Ministry are expected to make the closing arguments regarding the Requesens case. On the other hand, he believes that the trial against journalist Roland Carreño will end in a month at most, as long as police witnesses come forward to testify.

Lawyer Joel García expressed that the trial that follows the leader of Primero Justicia Juan Requesens, for his alleged participation in the attempted “assassination” against the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, in August 2018 may end this Monday the 1st. of August.

This was highlighted by García in an interview granted to the Circuit Hitswhere he indicated that in the early hours of Friday, July 26, the judge handling the case made the closing statement and reflected on the evidence and then gave the floor to the Public Ministry, which once again held Requesens allegedly responsible for the crimes committed. they charge him and asked for a conviction.

The lawyer commented that the lawyers had to go to the Palace of Justice at 11:00 am to make the closing arguments, wait for the reply from the Public Ministry, testify again; the defendants have the right to speak and once that is done, the debate is closed and the sentence comes.

Juan Requesens Gruber, the politician’s father, demanded full freedom for his son and insisted on his innocence.

Joel García also referred to the case of the journalist Roland Carreño, saying that it is in a “frank process” of development, since no new delays in court have been evidenced so far. He indicated that only four witnesses remain to be presented for the trial to be completed, which is taking place “totally normal.”

Despite stating that the trial is progressing, he expressed that it is difficult to know when it can end, so he estimates that in a maximum of one month the process that is being followed by Carreño could end. He stated that the rejections that have been registered have been by the Police, the Public Ministry and by the court itself.

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He commented that Roland Carreño is “optimistic” and instructing those deprived of liberty in El Helicoide, where he is being held, teaching various subjects such as poetry, literature, national identity, among others.

The trial hearing against journalist Roland Carreño was deferred on July 26 due to to the absence of members of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) that should be interrogated, informed the lawyer María Alejandra Poleo.

In her Twitter account, the lawyer indicated that her representative was transferred to court and these officials were part of the evidence bodies in the trial. She did not say when the hearing would be rescheduled.

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