Joe Biden: Broken Promises

True, Joe Biden has been president of the United States for less than a year and perhaps it would be too much to ask him to fulfill his campaign promises, which have only had some respite in obtaining some social aid – not the necessary one – and the confrontation with COVID-19 , in which he has had to fight with retrogrades of all kinds.

Everything is very far from his work program, which, even, we come to consider progressive, taking into account the work in that country plagued by selfish beings.

But, really, this plan was only surpassed by another Democratic presidential candidate, who has always dreamed of his people having free access to health and education, for which they tried to insult him, calling him a communist: Bernie Sanders.

Not everything can turn into finding cracks in the previous Trump administration, which is still being used now, when Democrats have to present achievements, trying to fulfill their campaign promises, as well as that not all Republicans think the same as the controversial tycoon.

In this context, and if there is no visible change, Biden is losing the battle, despite having legislative dominance, because within the Democratic ranks his aspirations limit him, which is why more and more progressive elements are disappointed. for breaches.

As far as I know, none of these breaches refer to Cuba, to which Biden promised three times during his campaign to eliminate the 432 additional measures imposed by Trump on the blockade and, on the contrary, stimulates internal actions against our government, alleging the defense of rights. humans.

All dishonesty that is reflected in US domestic politics, and on this the so-called Democratic left is based, in addition to seeing the narrow congressional advantage in the mid-term elections in 2022 in danger, and they do not want Biden to make a reality. his promise to try to run for a new presidential term in 2024.

So far “sound” candidates with few sympathies such as Vice President Kamala Harris and Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, for which the best option – the most honest – is Sanders, although limited by his advanced age.


Biden was never the first choice of the so-called left to lead the Democratic Party in 2020, and now, according to the Washington Examiner, a sizable fraction believe he should be doing more to bring economic and social relief to working and middle-class people, And that those same demographic groups could be looking for an alternative long before November 2024.

With approval numbers worse than Biden’s, this fraction is not looking to Vice President Kamala Harris as its replacement candidate. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s experience as a corporate consultant also makes his candidacy not an option, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren stands a chance.

Those “progressive” Democrats are the old white liberals, but most of them are younger people of color who fight for environmental, social and economic justice.

As any candidacy in capitalist countries takes a lot of money, the only name that identifies both with the credentials of politics and the star power needed to raise hundreds of millions online from small-dollar donors is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez.

A Democratic primary challenge to a sitting Democratic president is not without precedent. In 1980, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy tried to wrest the party’s nomination from an equally unpopular Democratic incumbent unable to control inflation.

With a new Harvard poll of young voters showing that even the majority of this overwhelmingly Democratic group disapprove of Biden’s work as president, it could be time for Democrats to start looking for an alternative by 2024.


Joe Biden has only kept 12 of the top 100 campaign promises he made, according to the Politifact website. The inability to execute his agenda and solve conjunctural problems such as inflation, the immigration situation, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the crisis in the supply chain comes from an internal division in his party.

Democrats are divided between progressives and moderates. The former have a much more redistributive agenda in which the government plays a more relevant role and some call them socialists. The moderates are more central and support free market measures.

The clash between these two streams of the party has made Biden’s job difficult. After several attempts and internal negotiations, the Infrastructure Plan of 1.2 billion dollars was approved and the Social Plan that went from 3.5 billion to 1.75 billion dollars.

A large reduction in the budget for social investment, education, health and climate change derived from the lack of support from moderate senators such as Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. This division and inefficiency will take its toll on him in the next election, according to polls and predictions by political analysts in Washington.


Activist groups denounced that Biden in Texas is failing to fulfill his promise not to build “another foot” of the border wall promoted by Trump.

The groups Coalition No Border Wall of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas Civil Rights Project and United Voices assured that more sections of the wall are being built as part of the repair of levees damaged by the construction of the border barrier.

This levee system was built to protect the southern regions of Texas from seasonal flooding and a possible overflow of the Rio Grande, or Rio Grande as it is known in Mexico.

But these groups criticize that the Biden Administration, after halting the construction of the border wall on his first day in office on January 20, promised to repair the damaged levees without expanding the wall.

The groups assured that this new construction involves installing “railings” over reformed levee systems and that the “blasting” of earth to put concrete is being carried out. To this must be added, they denounced, that the “damages associated with the construction of the border wall in Texas still remain,” such as the expropriation of land and damage to the environment.

“Railings or not, these are border walls and we cannot fool ourselves into thinking that they are repairs to the compromised levees that the Administration identified earlier this year,” said Eduardo Martínez, a member of the Rio Grande Valley Non-Border Wall Coalition.

For this reason, these groups ask the White House to stop “immediately the construction in progress” because, otherwise, “history will repeat itself.” “Just as President (Barack) Obama completed the border wall for (George W.) Bush, President Biden will do the same for Trump,” they said in a statement.


But it is not only the question of the border wall. After Biden had promised as a candidate that he would only raise taxes on those who earn more than $ 400,000, the White House announced that it will include those who receive from half that amount.

In the largest tax increase in 30 years, Biden breaks his promise by taxing families where both spouses earn at least $ 200,000, The New York Post reported.

But, in addition, dozens of pro-migrant organizations demanded that Biden stop deportations at the border and within the United States.

More than 40 organizations in the US are calling on the Biden government to stop expelling asylum-seeking migrants, mostly Central Americans and Haitians, and are demanding an end to deportations at the border.

Pro-migrant leaders insisted that Biden’s failure to take meaningful action to address this ongoing crisis and immigration reform for those who have been in the shadows for decades will represent a clear failure of the president’s commitment.

The Civil Liberties Union and other coalitions are working together to send the message to Republican and Democratic politicians that the solution is not to deport migrants, the key is to restructure the immigration system.

The federal government reported that, so far this year, they have made more than 1.7 million arrests, a record number.

The Hispanic community in the United States represents 19% of the total US population, according to the latest census. To this minority, the largest in the United States, above the African American, Joe Biden promised in his first 100 days an immigration reform and repeal several Trump measures against immigrants. But so far, these words have not been translated into action.

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