Jessi Uribe planted fans of San Antonio, Tolima: mayor came out furious to claim him

The reason why Jessica Uribe decided to postpone the event was understood by some users and followers, while others did not accept his explanations, even assuring that in reality the singer had not even arrived at the place and that the photos and videos were not from the stage in which he would appear.

“They are not real photos of the event, not even the man came to the event”, “you are not able to sing in a place because you dirty your shoes”, “unfulfilled”, are some of the comments on the publication.

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The incident has sparked so much controversy that even the mayor of San Antonio spoke about it and threw Jessi Uribe into the water.

“He canceled this event, Jessi Uribe looked at the conditions and says that he cannot sing, that he is sorry and it bothers him to get his shoes muddy to comply with the people of Saint Anthonywe are going to take legal action, Jessi Uribe and her production group are faltons”, assured the mayor.

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