Jean Alain denounces Pepca's "plot" a few days before the deadline to present an accusation in the Medusa case

Jean Alain denounces Pepca’s “plot” a few days before the deadline to present an accusation in the Medusa case

The Defense Council of the ex-prosecutor Jean-Alain Rodriguez reported this Thursday that the Public Ministry has until March 1 to present the formal accusation of the Medusa case, and that the accusing body has already orchestrated “a plot of arbitrariness” to obtain the extension of the term to conclude the investigation.

In a press conference, the lawyers Carlos Balcácer, Gustavo Biaggi and Francisco Franco denounced that the PSpecialized Attorney for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca)“would carry out raids and symbolic arrests to aggravate public opinion” and pressure the judge to “exceptionally keep our client in illegal prison, just as they have done in the so-called Octopus and Coral cases.”

Defenses of Jean Alain Rodríguez (FREE DIARY / WANDER SANTANA )

In addition, they complained that, from August 2021 to date, they have made the Pepca more than 100 requests for exculpatory evidence, documents and investigative proceedings that seek “Show that Jean-Alain Rodríguez always acted in accordance with the law”However, they allege that they have not been given a single document of those requested, nor has the Public Ministry carried out the procedures that have been requested.

“They are hiding the evidence that they download to our client, in clear violation of the law since they are obliged to them. Given this violation of the right to defense, we have asked the judge for the guarantees of the process, a hearing to force the Public Ministry to comply with the law,” said Carlos Balcarce.

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At the same time, they filed a civil suit against Kenya Romero for alleged impartiality as a judge for alleged damages caused to Jean-Alain during the process. They assure that the magistrate has adopted a “harmful attitude, penetrating a quasi-personal level, thus typifying fraud and prevarication, which translates into the typicity of civil liability.”

The lawyers reiterated that they would face each violation of their client’s rights, with the Public Ministry having to present a file and free the Jean-Alain Rodríguez or the eventual accusation without evidence in the coming days without a media show or raids, unnecessary arrests and that the judge grant freedom if they request an extension of the investigation as required by law.

They strongly warn judges and citizens not to let themselves be manipulated or pressured by the raids and arrests that the police will surely carry out. PEPCA in the next few days near the expiration of the investigation date in order to avoid releasing the former Attorney General Jean-Alain Rodriguez.

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