Jayro Jean: "I was always working to reach my team (Haiti)"

Jayro Jean: “I was always working to reach my team (Haiti)”

July 16, 2023, 8:00 AM

July 16, 2023, 8:00 AM

The front Jayro Hestefano Jean was in the news during the FIFA date, because he was called up to the Haitian national team for the first time and because he left Real Santa Cruz to return to Always Ready, who had loaned him to the club from Santa Cruz.

While he played in the CONCACAF tournament with his team, in Bolivia his name was heard in Oriente Petrolero and Guabirá, and in the same Real that wanted to keep him in its ranks. Finally, the millionaire club decided to incorporate him into its squad

With Haiti he had his first minutes in the game on June 25, It was his debut in his senior team against Qatar and it was with a 2-1 victory. Jayro Jean came on in the 84th minute to replace Fafa Picailt.

In Haiti’s second match, on June 29, against Mexico, Jean entered the court at 58′ to replace Wilde-Donald Guerrier, but his team lost 3-1.

departthe third and lasto de Jean with Haiti in the 2023 Gold Cup was against Honduras. The Always Ready striker played the entire second half, but his team lost 2-1 and was eliminated from the competition.

Jayro Hestefano Jean is 25 years old (06-22-1998)Before arriving in Bolivia, he played for the América des Cayes club in his country, as well as for San Cristóbal and Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic.

How did it feel to play for the first time for the senior team of your country?

It was something I always wanted, I was always working to reach my national team and thank God it was possible for me. It came to me at a perfect time, I had to take advantage of every minute and now I hope that they will continue to call me up for the next tournament.

You played three games and you went from less to more, since in each game you played more minutes…

Yes, exactly, because when you arrive it’s always a little complicated for you to start as a starter, so I’ve been working to stay that way, taking advantage of opportunities.

What environment did you find in your first call, how did the group receive you?

At the beginning it was a little different, but the good thing is that I had some acquaintances, that is, from my previous teams, who were also in this team and thanks to them I had the opportunity to integrate more quickly into the group and thus get to know everyone.

Who did you make more friends with in concentration?

One called Leverton (Pierre), who has been a friend of mine for a long time and who now plays in France. With him I had many experiences in the national team and I had the opportunity to integrate with the other teammates.

Playing for the national team is a showcase, did you perhaps come up with a proposal from other clubs?

It is one more opportunity, that gives you more international visibility, but there are no offers from outside, you just have to keep working, because something could come up at any moment, you have to be attentive and prepared for any opportunity.

When you traveled to the Gold Cup, you left Real Santa Cruz, but you returned to Bolivia and now you play for Always Ready…

That was normal, because the loan to Real had ended and my best option was to return to Always, which is the club that has the rights to my pass, so now I’m training and focused on what’s to come, because with the issue of altitude and all of this you have to be physically fit and adapt as soon as possible.

Real Santa Cruz wanted to keep you, there was hope in the white club that you would continue defending the white jacket…

Sure, but they are issues that they were talking about, between clubs. In the end it was decided that they were going to need my services here and that is why I had to return to Always.

In Always Ready you must have found people you know. You are not a stranger in the club…

Yes, the truth is that I had the opportunity to meet most of them when we toured Europe and I feel good with them, because we know each other and the club is not strange to me.

During the FIFA date, when you left Real Santa Cruz, there was talk of the possibility that you would go to Oriente Petrolero and there was even talk that there was already an agreement with Guabirá. What happened there?

The truth is that these are things that were discussed between clubs and as I told you, Always decided that he was going to need my services and decided to bring me.

Since you just played in the Gold Cup, what do you think of the level of Bolivian soccer compared to that of Central American and North American countries?

They are two different things. Soccer is more advanced there compared to Bolivia. They are players with better quality, more experience, at least that’s what I could see, but I think that there is also a good level here to do things, that soccer in Bolivia is growing, in progress and many things can be done.

The theme of the courts is very different. The courts there are much better, first class.

What are you aiming for now, what is your wish as a footballer after playing for your team?

My dream was always to reach a big team in Europe, that dream is still intact and for that you have to keep working. Also my near dream is to continue representing my team in the next tournaments and so that they continue to take me into account.

What did the Haitian coach, Gabriel Calderón Pellegrino, tell you; will he keep summoning you?

He told me that he was very grateful to me, for my attitude and my work. I think that if he continues, I would have many chances to continue being called up to the national team.

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